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Irreverent Warriors Inc

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The MISSION of Irreverent Warriors is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to heal the mental wounds of war, through therapeutic events and entertainment, in order to reduce PTSD and prevent veteran suicide. Our VISION is to provide all U.S. Veterans with the strongest veteran based support network, reduce the impact of PTSD, and eliminate veteran suicide.

How do we prevent suicide?

Irreverent Warriors is building veteran communities all across America. Veteran volunteers step up to donate their valuable time and bring together veterans through therapeutic events such as silkies hikes, happy hours, and camping trips. Irreverent Warriors volunteers know that the best support network for veterans is other veterans. Our programs are events that bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie.

These events bring veterans together in large quantities, over 20,000 to date, using veteran friendly methods of coping: humor and camaraderie. When veterans come together at our events, we give them an opportunity to connect, bond, love, and support each other. The connections and bonds made at our events allow veterans to create their own support network. The support that we give each other makes us less likely to commit suicide.

We also partner with veteran organizations, free of charge, who provide other services to veterans, services such as jobs, training, money, housing, service dogs, and more. The mental and spiritual support that we give each other, combined with the introduction of other services, give veterans the help and hope they need to stop considering suicide.

Why Humor?

ir·rev·er·entadj. - an inability to take serious things seriously. 

Irreverent Warriors are the men and women who have been prepared to kill and die for our country. We have laughed in the face of death, dismemberment, and the enemies of the United States.
We have experienced pain, tragedy, and trauma- both overseas and at home- and we have used humor as a coping mechanism.

Laughing in the midst of tragedy allows us to continue the mission without breaking down mentally every day.

Irreverent Warriors are connected by three things-

1) Our shared experiences in the US military.

2) Our shared experiences as people who have dealt with pain, tragedy, and trauma.

3) Our tendency to use humor to get through pain, tragedy, and trauma.

Our Main Event- The Silkies Hike (TM)

The "Silkies Hike" or 22, with 22, for the 22 as it was first known, started as a single event on July 25, 2015, in San Diego, CA. It skyrocketed to over 40 events nationwide in 3 months time, each coordinated by local veterans. Captain Danny Maher, USMC (Ret), and Sergeant Ryan Loya, USMC, co-founded the hike through their non-profit, Irreverent Warriors, with the idea that camaraderie and humor can save a life.

In 2014, Danny and Ryan each lost a close friend to suicide. While a patient in Wounded Warrior Battalion West located in San Diego, CA, Danny befriended LCpl Artem Lazukin, who took his own life on March 29, 2015. Six months prior, Sgt. Jeremy Sears committed suicide on October 6, 2014. Sears was first to respond when an IED blast threw Ryan 20 feet into a nearby river.

As a result, Danny and Ryan made a pact to reduce the epidemic of veteran suicide, and so started the Silkies Hike: 22 with 22 for the 22.

In 2016 Danny moved forward with his newest venture, VET TV. A television network created by veterans to bring targeted and therapeutic entertainment for the veteran community in order to promote camaraderie and prevent veteran suicide. During this time he realized that he needed some help moving Irreverent Warriors on to a bigger stage and strengthen its Impact. He and his team reached out to Jesse James, the silkies hike coordinator out of Colorado, who had been making a huge impact on the veteran community there, to step in and take over as the next Irreverent Warriors President. Jesse is a Marine Corps veteran that has focused on nonprofit work since 2009.


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Founder/Chairman of the Board, Captain Danny Maher



 President & CEO Jesse James