"We bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide."


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

Irreverent Warriors has made the difficult decision to postpone all hikes until further notice.

We all took an oath to protect this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that responsibility includes being accountable for our actions during the COVID-19 pandemic that threatens our country. We are irreverent, not irresponsible, and as much as we might not like this pandemic, or the decision to postpone hikes, we have a duty to protect those around us...even if it's from ourselves.

Irreverent Warriors asks, that you please join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We have both public facing groups, as well as a national private group, and near 60 city/community groups on Facebook.

We are dedicated to Bringing Veterans Together, and will do our best to continue our camaraderie even if virtual.


Official 2020 Event Schedule


Jul 18 Reno, NV

Jul 25 Philadelphia, PA

Jul 25 Lincoln, NE

Aug 1 St Paul/Minneapolis, MN

Aug 1 Ft Worth, TX

Aug 8 Boston, MA

Aug 15 Colorado Springs, CO

Aug 15 Raleigh, NC

Aug 15 Kansas City, MO

Aug 22 Portland, OR

Aug 22 Chattanooga, TN

Aug 22 Quad Cities, IA

Aug 29 Cincinnati, OH

Aug 29 San Francisco, CA

Sept 5 San Antonio, TX

Sept 12 Cedar Falls, IA

Sept 12 Nashville, TN

Sept 19 Norwich, CT






Sept 19 Spokane, WA

Sept 26 Virginia Beach, VA

Sept 26 Longview, TX

Oct 3 Memphis, TN

Oct 3 Houston, TX

Oct 3 Oceanside, CA

Oct 10 Washington, DC

Oct 17 Montgomery, AL

Oct 17 Fayetteville, NC

Oct 24 Tucson, AZ

Oct 24 Round Rock/Austin, TX

Oct 31 Richmond, VA

Nov 7 Long Beach, CA

Nov 7 Athens, GA

Nov 21 Baton Rouge, LA

Dec 5 Las Vegas, NV

Dec 12 Key West, FL



More cities coming soon!



Coming in 2020 Jacksonville, FL


Coming in 2021 OAHU, HI

Coming in 2021 Scottsdale, AZ





If you don't see an event planned for your city and want to get involved?

Contact info@irreverentwarriors.com