"We bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide."


Official 2020 Event Schedule


Feb 22 Ft Lauderdale, FL

Feb 29 Waco, TX

Mar 21 Galveston, TX

Apr 11 Jacksonville, NC

Apr 25 Savannah, GA

Apr 25 Indianapolis, IN

May 2 Baltimore, MD

May 16 Des Moines, IA

May 16 Charlotte, NC

May 23  Knoxville, TN

May 23 Milford, MA

May 30 Denver, CO

Jun 6 New York City, NY

Jun 13 Wilmington, NC

Jun 13 Napa, CA

Jun 27 Chicago, IL

Jul 4 Hopedale, IL

Jul 4 Parade Round Rock, TX



Jul 11 Seattle, WA

Jul 18 Reno, NV

Jul 25 Philadelphia, PA

Jul 25 Omaha, NE

Aug 1 Minneapolis\St Paul, MN

Aug 1 Ft Worth, TX

Aug 8 Boston, MA

Aug 15 Colorado Springs, CO

Aug 15 Raleigh, NC

Aug 15 Kansas City, MO

Aug 22 Portland, OR

Aug 22 Chattanooga, TN

Aug 22 Quad Cities, IA

Aug 29 Cincinnati, OH

Sept 5 San Antonio, TX

Sept 12 Cedar Falls, IA

Sept 12 Nashville, TN

Sept 19 Norwich, CT






Sept 26 Virginia Beach, VA

Sept 26 Longview, TX

Sept 26 Spokane, WA

Oct 3 Memphis, TN

Oct 3 Houston, TX

Oct 3 Oceanside, CA

Oct 10 Washington, DC

Oct 17 Montgomery, AL

Oct 17 Fayetteville, NC

Oct 24 Tucson, AZ

Oct 24 Round Rock/Austin, TX

Nov 7 Long Beach, CA

Nov 7 Athens, GA

Nov 21 Baton Rouge, LA

Dec 5 Las Vegas, NV

Dec 12 Key West, FL



More cities coming soon!



Coming in 2020 Pensacola, FL

Coming in 2020 Richmond, VA

Coming in 2020 Jacksonville, FL


Coming in 2021 OAHU, HI

Coming in 2021 Scottsdale, AZ





If you don't see an event planned for your city and want to get involved?

Contact info@irreverentwarriors.com