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When are you coming to my city?

Well, we don't actually travel to cities. We rely on veterans in their community to host the hikes. We help you promote and give you all the tools to host a hike.


Can my wife, brother, friend, kid, come to the hike?

While we encourage families to come to support our veterans at the hike, the hike itself is for veterans, active and reserve, service members only.


Why can't my family hike with me?

When we add in civilians to the hike itself, veterans cannot be themselves. The hikes are therapeutic in nature and we have found that the best therapy is for veterans to be around other veterans. Veterans need a release. To be completely irreverent and not be reserved.


Is this only for Marines?

Hell to the naw!!!! Every Branch is welcome. Even you coasties!


How can I be involved if I didn't serve?

We love volunteers. We need them just as much as we need our veterans to come out. Everyone at Irreverent Warriors is a volunteer. There are always volunteers needed at the events. If you want to volunteer send us an email at


Do I have to carry a full load in my ruck?

No. Packs, vests, and any other equipment are optional. We understand people may have been out of the service for a while and we don't want anyone to overwhelm themselves.


Is the route a full 22km?

Some are. Some routes are shorter due to city restrictions. We want people to focus on the bonding rather than the route length.


Am I allowed to carry my weapon on the hike?

No. We have designated personnel to provide security and support.


Do I have to wear silkies?

No. Wear what is comfortable for you.


Where can I get silkies?

Right now our shop closed but you can often find Hike Coordinators selling patches, flags, shirts, and Silkies at the hikes.


Are we hiking for awareness?

Sort of. We don't like to use the word "awareness" because people are already aware that veterans are committing suicide. Especially veterans. We are not creating awareness in the community we are showing support for our fellow veterans.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Just a few rules. Dogs must be well behaved and preferably a service dog as it has the training to be around large groups and lots of noise. Also, some of the establishments along the route only allow service dogs and at no time are dogs to be left unattended. Please keep in mind, the hikes take place on the pavement (usually) and in the hot summer sun.


Can I bring my flag?

YES! As long as it's a patriotic flag or a branch flag. No political or religious flags.


What if I can't make the whole hike?

Do what you can. If you need to take a breather in a safety vehicle, go for it! This is for fun and bonding. Don't overexert yourself.


Can't make it out but still want to show your support?

You can do a one-time donation or if you feel really generous, you can sign up to be a monthly donor HERE.


Is Donny coming to my hike?




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