22 km, with 22 kg, for the 22 vets a day who kill themselves.

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22 km, with 22 kg, for the 22 vets a day who kill themselves.
Irreverent Warriors and Vetality Corp have teamed up!
A hike with 22 kg on our backs,(For whoever enjoys the weight, it’s not required) up the San Diego coastline from the Mission Beach Jetty, ending with a party at La Jolla Cove.
To get veterans and our supporters together, to put weight on our backs and feel nostalgic, to laugh, to drink, to party, and raise awareness for the 22.
Beginning- Mission Beach Jetty Parking lot
Ending- La Jolla Cove on the grass
0800 meet and gear check
1000- Step off.
1300- Arrive at La Jolla Cove
1700? -Ubers or party bus back to the Jetty
Silkies, banana hammocks, silkie body paint, American flag body paint, American flag type clothing, shoes you can put a lot of weight and miles on.
I’m gonna try to hire a body painter to be there at 0900.
For the Hikers-
Backpack – The 22 kg is optional
Snacks, protein bars, fruit
Two Camel backs-
1 with water
1 with booze
Bathing suit
For the Families and friends meeting us as la Jolla Cove-
Food, drinks, tables, chairs, sunscreen, EZup’s, bathing suits, SNORKELING gear for the kids (The cove is the best snorkeling in so cal)
If you are willing to throw down $10 for a party bus to pick us up from La Jolla and take us back down to the jetty let me know. Say it in the comments please!
Also, since we’ll be liquored up on the beach on a Saturday, should we plan an evening dinner and then party? Maybe rent out the back room of a restaurant?
Maybe rent out the PB VFW?
Take over the Hornblower Cruise on Mission Bay at night? Let’s hear some ideas.

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